Casino Royale Fundraising Event at Brookstreet Hotel [Review]

This past weekend, I attended the Casino Royale Ottawa event at the Brookstreet Hotel here in Kanata.  The event this year was a fundraising event for Candlelighters, the Humane Society and the Julianne Courneya Trust Fund.  Everyone attending paid an entry fee, which included two drink tickets, $500 in play money for the casino and a swag bag filled with items from various event sponsors.

The event kicked off at 7pm and you could immediately tell that this was a well run event.  The registration desks were easy to find, quick to move through and super helpful.  We all received a packet of information, which contained a map of the hotel and where to find everything as well as helpful information about the auction items and the agenda.

We headed upstairs to enjoy some light fare before the casino tables opened.  Once they did, we sat down at a Texas Hold’em Poker table to get our gambling on.  We ended up staying at one table for the entire duration of the playing time but it was so much fun.  We had a few drinks, our dealer was fantastic and, not going to lie, we cleaned up!

After the gambling tables closed, we then gathered up our play money totals and got ready for the auction.  The way the auction works is like this: you use your play money to bid on auction items and trust me, the auction items were pretty awesome!  There were big screen TVs, iPad minis, an iPhone, designer handbags and sunglasses as well as experiential prizes like a hotel stay and a spa retreat.

After the auction, the lights go down and a DJ steps in to play music and turn the setting into a dance party!  We left before that part but the DJ was so fantastic while we were there.

All in all, this is an amazing event to attend and I’m already looking forward to next year.  The entire set up makes it fun and exciting to raise funds for charity while also giving people a lot to do during the event itself.  Our group of friends had an incredible time and we’re still talking about it.

Check out my photos below or more of the photos from the event on the Faces Magazine Ottawa Facebook page.


My friend Jess and I at the event


The funniest thing about this? She doesn’t even drink alcohol LOL!
We were just having some fun and trust me, our dealer thought we were crazy 😉


Everyone received $500 in chips with their admission fee to play at the casino!