2 Easy Light Table Activities Involving Ice and Snow


The snow is not gone yet up here in chilly Ottawa so I’ve concocted two super easy and super fun light table activities for you to try that involve snow and ice!  These are great at any age and can be modified to make them geared toward younger kids or older kids depending on the age of […]

DIY Light Table


I’ve been wanting to build a light table for my daughter for awhile now but I didn’t get around to it due to the enormity of the project and cost.  Building a wooden light table with the proper lights, etc. is quite the project and one that my dad and I priced out last year. […]

Cute Valentine’s Day Craft: Playdough Rose Bouquet


My sister Trina came over the other day and we headed down to Willow’s new craft room to have some fun and get messy. We let Willow lead the craft idea and she chose “dough” so we pulled out the playdough and started making things. A long time ago, I had Instagrammed a photo of […]

Willow’s New Craft Room


I’ve been talking about creating a craft space in our house for a long time now. A place where we could go to colour, paint, create, dream and imagine without the mess ending up all over my house. I was getting REALLY tired of vacuuming up glitter from the rug under the diningroom table so […]

Thanksgiving Inspired Craft: Turkey Puppet from a Garden Glove


I am not a crafty person but I do believe in getting my hands dirty from time to time for the sake of my 22-month old daughter.  She LOVES doing crafts (which, funny enough she calls “craps”) and the tactile experience of it is so much fun for her.  She also loves to talk through […]