DIY: Easter Bark with White Chocolate and Easter M&Ms


As most of you know, I co-founded a website called Ottawa Valley Moms. We used to do a regular OVM show in which we showed crafts, recipes and more on a regular basis. On one of the episodes of the show, I made an Easter-inspired chocolate bark. You can watch it here and the recipe […]

7 Ottawa Restaurants Where Kids Can Eat Free!

Dying of the cuteness right now... My little moose.

I don’t know about you but I love to dine out.  It’s a great way to have a fantastic meal and not have to worry about the clean-up or the prep.  Meals out are even better when it’s cheap but cheap doesn’t have to mean fast food. One of the ways that we dine out, […]

DIY Food Project: Fun Halloween Rice Krispies Treats!


Willow and I received a box in the mail from Kellogg’s yesterday that had a VERY FUN kit inside! The kit was to create our own Halloween inspired Rice Krispies treats! Inside was a box of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, two cutters (one in the shape of a pumpkin and one in the shape of a […]

DIY: Toothpick Popsicles with Fruit!


My 22-month old LOVES popsicles but often, they are too large and too cold for her little hands.  I wrap them in paper towels but they become very messy very quickly.  I came across an example of toothpick popsicles so I wanted to make them for Willow to see how she’d enjoy them. I started […]