The I Hate Erin Fan Club


Grade ten. A folded up piece of paper. The crinkle sound as I unfolded it to read the contents of the sheet. “THE I HATE ERIN FAN CLUB” Scrawled across the top in black ink. Signatures. People signing in solidarity. Nausea. Hiding in the bathroom. Solitude. Depression. * * * Early Years I had a […]



We wait. Until the timing is right. Until the bank account has the appropriate number of dollars and cents. Until we can trust in the decision. We wait. For the perfect moment. For the nudge forward. For permission. We wait. Even when we know what we want. Even when we should be taking action. Even […]

My Christmas Wish


My Christmas wish is that we all can move into 2014… … giving more than we’ve got – trust me, it’ll come back to you in ways that you never, ever expected. … loving more than we’ve loved – the people around you? They need the love you’ve got to give. Give it freely, without […]

Christmas is About Learning Lessons


Last night was our Christmas party at my mom’s house. Every year my mom’s side of the family meets before Christmas to celebrate and be together to share a big, turkey dinner. I’ve been doing this every year of my entire life (31st dinner last night) and it wasn’t since having Willow that I realized […]

Cry Baby Cry


Crying. Does it make you uncomfortable to do it? Does it make you uncomfortable when others do it? I don’t cry that often these days (I have to work on that, I think I internalize a lot… or, I just don’t have a lot to cry about?) but when I do, I appreciate it. Honour […]