Finding the Words That Define You


I love words.  I love words that can define and describe experiences, people, places and things. In reading The Desire Map recently, a fantastic book by Danielle Laporte, I began the process of writing out words that defined me.  What did I want my being to look like and in turn, what life experience was I craving? […]

How to Deal When Your SOUL Feels Irritated


I have been going through some hard, heavy and really thick life stuff lately and it has caused my SOUL to become irritated.  How does one’s soul become irritated?  Well, I can guarantee that you’ve felt the symptoms of it before… Not wanting to talk about yourself, your feelings or your situation Mis-directed or mis-guided […]

The Decision to Have Only One Child


So yeah, we’re only having one kid. #endpost Although that’s all I really need to say, I’ll share with you some of the ways we came to this decision by pointing out the objections we’ve had about this decision and sharing with you our point of view.  I don’t feel like anyone has given me […]

Mommy Whining: Is It Funny or Off-Putting?


This past week I read a blog post by Karen Alpert called “Ten Things I Really F’ing Want for Mother’s Day.” In her post she listed out ten things she’d REALLY like and used sarcasm and humour to get her point across. Many people in the comments lambasted her as being insensitive, ungrateful, etc. and […]

Achieving Balance is Bullsh*t


Everywhere I look I see posts on achieving balance.  People strive to get to the perfect work / life balance… the mom / me-time balance… balance, balance, balance.  It’s a crock of bullshit. You wanna know why? Because there is no such thing as balance. Every day people need to make choices.  Sacrifices.  Decisions on […]