Co-Hosting Rogers Daytime Ottawa with Derick Fage


What a fun way to start the week! On Monday, August 25th I co-hosted the Rogers Daytime Ottawa show with Derick Fage and it was SO much fun! You can catch the entire episode here on Rogers (you will need a Rogers Anyplace TV account to watch!) If you don’t have an account, you can […]



We wait. Until the timing is right. Until the bank account has the appropriate number of dollars and cents. Until we can trust in the decision. We wait. For the perfect moment. For the nudge forward. For permission. We wait. Even when we know what we want. Even when we should be taking action. Even […]

Shopping Day


Sometimes you just need to hit the mall for a little shopping. For us, it’s Bayshore all the way. Steve, Willow and I decided to spend the afternoon shopping as the weather was touch and go. Our original plan was Logos Land but I never mind a plan diversion that includes shopping… Ever. We’re making […]

Willow’s First Hair Cut


Today was a big day for us. Willow’s first hair cut. Her hair has never been touched before – well, except for one strand of hair that I clipped so I could save her tiny baby curl – and I had been putting it off for awhile now. But today felt as good a day […]

My Beauty Routine


My beauty routine has always been fairly low key. I spend a bit more time and use a bit more product when I am planning on going out for a girl’s night out or on a date but my day-to-day routine is fairly simplistic. The other thing about my beauty routine is that I use […]