My Little Musician & Honouring Promises


I’ve been noticing lately that Willow is drawn to music in a big way. She requests specific songs when we are in the car, she likes to hear music on mine and Steve’s smart phones and she loves playing with the new piano that Steve’s parents got her as a Christmas present. It was only […]

Complexes, Complexes Everywhere (The Valtrex Stories)


“So Teresa…” the pharmacist said loudly, “Have you had a prescription for Valtrex before?” In that moment, my cheeks flushed hot and everyone that was standing around, waiting for their own prescriptions to be filled, slowly peeked over at me.  I felt a thousand tiny eyes on me all thinking the same thing: “Omg… that […]

Adventures with Vaginismus Part 3 – Breastfeeding Woes & Dilators


Disclaimer: If you are my mother, my father, my in-laws, any male friend or any work colleague or someone who wants to be able to look me in the eyes, DO NOT read this post. 😉 In the past, I’ve shared with you about my experience with vaginismus and about sexercises that I had to […]

My Kickstarter Campaign for a New Set of Boobs


Just joking. I’m not really starting a Kickstarter campaign for new boobs although I really want to.  In fact, my friends and I recently had a conversation about the various levels of rewards that would be available with each Kickstarter campaign contribution and it was almost the tipping point for me to create that campaign as soon […]