My Little Musician & Honouring Promises


I’ve been noticing lately that Willow is drawn to music in a big way. She requests specific songs when we are in the car, she likes to hear music on mine and Steve’s smart phones and she loves playing with the new piano that Steve’s parents got her as a Christmas present. It was only […]

Complexes, Complexes Everywhere (The Valtrex Stories)


“So Teresa…” the pharmacist said loudly, “Have you had a prescription for Valtrex before?” In that moment, my cheeks flushed hot and everyone that was standing around, waiting for their own prescriptions to be filled, slowly peeked over at me.  I felt a thousand tiny eyes on me all thinking the same thing: “Omg… that […]

My Husband and I Are Polar Opposites


No seriously. He had to have been born on another planet because we seriously are two different species. Cut from a different rug. Not brothers from another mother. Nope. We are two very different people and a few nights ago, we looked at each other and said, “How do we still like each other this […]