New York City is Loaded with Inspiration


This past week found me in New York City and even though I just landed a few short days ago, it feels like a lifetime ago. Between the time I landed and today, I’ve done three other events plus the Carp Fair. To say that I’m exhausted is an understatement but it’s a good exhausted… […]

My Heart Belongs to Muskoka


This past weekend I found myself in Muskoka… wondering why I haven’t been spending every single weekend of the entire summer there. The well-kept downtown core of Huntsville, the cute little shops, the boardwalk that snaked along the water and the abundance of delicious restaurants at which to eat had my heart singing as I […]

Easter is All About… Family


We had such a fantastic, yet low key, Easter this year. My parents, my sister and my sister’s boyfriend came to visit us at our house and we celebrated together with a buffet of yummy snacks and of course, chocolate for Willow. Then, we had our own Easter egg hunt here at the house for […]

Christmas is About Learning Lessons


Last night was our Christmas party at my mom’s house. Every year my mom’s side of the family meets before Christmas to celebrate and be together to share a big, turkey dinner. I’ve been doing this every year of my entire life (31st dinner last night) and it wasn’t since having Willow that I realized […]

Willow’s First Christmas Concert


Few things had me as excited in the past month or so as Willow’s first ever Christmas concert did. When her pre-school announced that they were going to be hosting a Christmas potluck and concert, I squealed. Literally. This is the stuff that parenting dreams are made of. As the day approached, Willow was on […]