Christmas: It’s All About the Little Things


Christmas in our household has changed immensely since Willow was born. Prior to that, I am not even sure if I enjoyed Christmas. I found the commercialism too much to bear at times. However, once Willow was born – and especially now that she is getting older – I find myself falling back in love […]

DIY: Easter Bark with White Chocolate and Easter M&Ms


As most of you know, I co-founded a website called Ottawa Valley Moms. We used to do a regular OVM show in which we showed crafts, recipes and more on a regular basis. On one of the episodes of the show, I made an Easter-inspired chocolate bark. You can watch it here and the recipe […]

Oh Phallic Tree, Oh Phallic Tree


“Hmm… It looks kind of like a… well…. umm…. like a rocket” my husband said to me after we were finished setting up our new LED Christmas tree. “Yes, it does… doesn’t it?  Well, I like it!” I said in response.  I didn’t want him to see the shopper’s remorse all over my face.  It […]

Minnie Mouse Inspired Birthday for a Two Year Old


Willow is turning two and we decided to go with a Minnie Mouse inspired birthday as Minnie is her FAVOURITE cartoon character right now. I began my pre-planning by hitting up Etsy and Pinterest for ideas. I didn’t want to go overboard, as I know sometimes birthday party themes can get that way, but I […]