Christmas Eve


Christmas is here and I couldn’t be happier to be celebrating the festive season with my wee girl. She’s four now and this is the perfect age for celebrating Christmas. She believes in the magic of Santa Claus, she loves the rituals that come along with getting ready for Christmas morning but she’s still young […]

The New Condo


My sister and her boyfriend got a new condo and Willow and I stopped by today to see it. They haven’t moved in yet, or have blinds, and their walls are pretty much ceiling to floor windows in every single room (gorgeous!) so I was SO glad I brought my camera. I snapped a few […]

Snap, Crackle, Pop of an Amazing Day


Willow’s been sleeping in until 9-9:30am every morning lately and I’m revelling in it. The flip side of that always is that she stays up a bit later at night but with the holidays right around the corner, late nights are inevitable so I’m thinking it’s all just divine timing. Today was a good day. […]

Reducing Our Living Costs Part 1: Bye-Bye TV & Telephone


Life is expensive. Between regular bills and the extras, it can all add up rather quickly. As I work to reduce our living expenses (so we can keep more money in the bank and going out to our investments), I figured I would share that process with you. The first thing to go on the […]

Home Office Reno: Before and After


Oh man… This post is hard to write because it includes photos of my TERRIBLY messy office before I began renos… I made that one small though to spare you the gory details. You can just glance a little and imagine what it looks like in person… Yikes. As you can see… office before was […]