Home Office Reno: Inexpensive Furniture Finds & A Little Furniture Face Lift


I have never been one to shop used furniture. It’s not because I don’t enjoy it or like it but it seriously always escapes my mind as a viable option. I usually go straight to Ikea.ca and browse what they have in terms of options. As I began pinning pins on Pinterest, in anticipation of […]

Container Gardening & Our Rain Barrel – Progress Pics Part Two


I wanted to update you all on how my container garden is coming this year!  If you remember from the first post, I got started later than I had anticipated this year so the growth on some of my ‘from seed’ plants is not where I’d like it to be.  However, it didn’t cost me […]

Container Gardening – Progress Pics Part One


That time of year is upon us!  It’s gardening season! I was a bit late this year in getting started but I had a terrible illness for awhile, which set me back some, coupled with a few really busy weekends so we didn’t get going as soon as we usually do.  I also didn’t start […]

Willow’s New Craft Room


I’ve been talking about creating a craft space in our house for a long time now. A place where we could go to colour, paint, create, dream and imagine without the mess ending up all over my house. I was getting REALLY tired of vacuuming up glitter from the rug under the diningroom table so […]

Oh Phallic Tree, Oh Phallic Tree


“Hmm… It looks kind of like a… well…. umm…. like a rocket” my husband said to me after we were finished setting up our new LED Christmas tree. “Yes, it does… doesn’t it?  Well, I like it!” I said in response.  I didn’t want him to see the shopper’s remorse all over my face.  It […]