I Hate Gardening in August and September!


Okay, so September has just begun but I am NOT loving gardening at this time of year. I loved it in the spring and early summer but now, I’m SO disgusted by all of it! Before you think I’m turning in my green thumb, let me explain myself. In the spring, my husband and I […]

The Clean House & Pure Insanity


This weekend, I cleaned my house. Now, to some of you, this might be a regular occurrence.  You might see that mop bucket and mop head more than once a month.  You might even be close friends (or at least good acquaintances) with a Windex, Mr. Clean or Fantastik bottle.  Unless of course you are […]

Organic Container Gardening in Suburbia


I remember sitting in Chapters with my friend Jess, before we even started seriously looking at houses, and I told her that I wanted a hobby farm with a garden and chickens and rain barrels and sustainability…  I wanted to live “off the grid” as much as possible.  Since my livelihood depends on me being […]