Birth Story – Willow Mertina Juliette


It’s Willow’s official due date today (December 10, 2010) but here’s a little secret… she actually joined us over two weeks ago! Willow Blaskie was born on November 24, 2010 at 6:36AM. She weighed six pounds, thirteen ounces and measured nineteen and a half inches long. She was also born with a full head of […]

I’m Pregnant!


Pee on a stick. Negative. Pee on a stick. Negative. Charting, temping, checking my cervix (yep, been there, done that), crying when “AF” showed, being angry when other people got pregnant on their first try (not at them but at the injustice of it all), a miscarriage, doctor’s appointments and finally, an appointment with the […]