The I Hate Erin Fan Club


Grade ten. A folded up piece of paper. The crinkle sound as I unfolded it to read the contents of the sheet. “THE I HATE ERIN FAN CLUB” Scrawled across the top in black ink. Signatures. People signing in solidarity. Nausea. Hiding in the bathroom. Solitude. Depression. * * * Early Years I had a […]

How to Deal When Your SOUL Feels Irritated


I have been going through some hard, heavy and really thick life stuff lately and it has caused my SOUL to become irritated.  How does one’s soul become irritated?  Well, I can guarantee that you’ve felt the symptoms of it before… Not wanting to talk about yourself, your feelings or your situation Mis-directed or mis-guided […]

Give Your Working Partner a Break Sometimes


Let me paint you a picture of what went down on the night that prompted this post. I came downstairs after working from 8:30-5pm. (For those of you that don’t know, I own my own business and I run my company from my home office.  My husband is a stay at home dad and he […]

I’m No Longer Fearless


I used to be fearless. I was the girl who, at sixteen, traveled to a remote village in the middle of a jungle in a country I had never been to.  I went there to live with a family who didn’t speak a word of English.  I went there without my parents, without my friends […]