The Time I Ditched My Psychotherapist


When I was 21 years old, I started a business. Said business grew very, very quickly and was extremely successful, which was awesome. However, given that I was only 21 at the time, I didn’t know how to deal with all of the newfound stress, attention, time suck, etc. so I did what I could […]

Creating a Codependency with Your Children


I wrote a post for CHEO Moms & Dads not long ago about being a scaredy cat parent.  In the post, I talked about the fears that I had surrounding my daughter and about how I wish I could loosen my reigns a little bit. Now, this post is merely one segment of my role […]

Days Like Today Are Hard


Days like today are hard. Days when I can’t take one more minute of whining, crying or otherwise tantrum-like behaviour. When I think back to my smiley, happy, bouncy six or seven month old. When I think about the days when she loved me without knowing that someday I may say no to her when […]

Tired… Oh So Tired… I Need Somebody to Let Me Sleeeeeeep


Raise your hand if you are downright exhausted. Good. I see at least ONE of you out there raised your hand. I also heard the one of you who shouted loudly at me – something along the lines of, “HELL YES… I AM EXHAUSTED.” I’m tired.  Oh so tired. A few nights ago, Willow went […]

People Assume I’m Failing


I own a company. I’ve owned my company since August of 2004. I’ve been in business nearly ten years now and have enjoyed being able to fund my life and fund my dreams. Steve is a stay-at-home dad. We are fortunate enough to have him stay home with our daughter Willow while I work 9-5pm […]