Willow Visits the Carp Fair


I loved going to the fair growing up. I grew up in rural Ontario, in a small town just outside of Ottawa (well, many small towns outside of Ottawa), and part of the tradition was going to the county fair each and every year. The rides, the lights, the noise, the greasy food and seeing […]

Labor Day Lovin’


Today’s post has no real wordy-pithy content. It’s mostly just to share photos of how we spent Labor Day weekend this year. It was pretty uneventful, as I am still recovering from a cold, and we mostly spent the time preparing for Willow to start Junior Kindergarten. Groceries, last-minute school shopping, labeling all the things… […]

Willow’s Television Debut on CTV Ottawa Morning Live


This morning was Willow’s television debut on CTV Ottawa Morning Live and she did SO great! We were going on air to discuss fun summer activities that you can do outside with your kids. The activities will be posted shortly over at Ottawa Valley Moms so stay tuned for that! To make her on air […]

Easter is All About… Family


We had such a fantastic, yet low key, Easter this year. My parents, my sister and my sister’s boyfriend came to visit us at our house and we celebrated together with a buffet of yummy snacks and of course, chocolate for Willow. Then, we had our own Easter egg hunt here at the house for […]

Willow Turns Three


My sweet baby girl, Willow, came into our life on November 24th, 2010. It was the day that my life changed forever. For the better. When I think back to the days and years before she was born, I can’t even tell you what that life was really like. I am not even sure that […]