Labor Day Lovin’


Today’s post has no real wordy-pithy content. It’s mostly just to share photos of how we spent Labor Day weekend this year. It was pretty uneventful, as I am still recovering from a cold, and we mostly spent the time preparing for Willow to start Junior Kindergarten. Groceries, last-minute school shopping, labeling all the things… […]

Explaining Religion to My Three-Year Old


Willow starts at a Catholic school next week. Willow’s dad and I were both raised Catholic but are no longer practicing. However, we looked at all of the schools in our area and felt that the school we chose had the best facilities, test scores, etc. so we chose it regardless of the fact that […]

A New Dining Hot Spot in Kanata: Central Bierhaus


Located in the Kanata Centrum, the Central Bierhaus is one of Kanata’s newest establishments and is located where O’Connors was previously at 650 Kanata Avenue. The restaurant is open every day from 11am until 2am. The interior of the restaurant is incredible and, if you remember what the interior of O’Connors looked like, you’ll be […]

Willow’s First Ottawa REDBLACKS Game!


This past weekend, Willow and I attended an Ottawa REDBLACKS game together. The REDBLACKS were playing the Calgary Stampeders on a beautiful and HOT Sunday afternoon. The stadium was, yet again, sold out to capacity and the energy in the stadium was palpable. Willow was SO excited to attend her first game and, after convincing her […]

Willow’s First Hair Cut


Today was a big day for us. Willow’s first hair cut. Her hair has never been touched before – well, except for one strand of hair that I clipped so I could save her tiny baby curl – and I had been putting it off for awhile now. But today felt as good a day […]