Willow’s Television Debut on CTV Ottawa Morning Live


This morning was Willow’s television debut on CTV Ottawa Morning Live and she did SO great! We were going on air to discuss fun summer activities that you can do outside with your kids. The activities will be posted shortly over at Ottawa Valley Moms so stay tuned for that! To make her on air […]

Riding at Wesley Clover Parks

Screen shot 2014-06-29 at 10.05.02 AM

Not long ago, Willow had the opportunity to go to Wesley Clover Parks and ride one of the horses in anticipation of Wesley Clover’s first Horse Day. Willow had never been on a horse before, other than a pony ride at the fair, so she was really excited about getting on the horse and learning […]

Willow’s First Trip to the Dentist


This past year, November 28th, marked Willow’s first trip to the dentist and she’ll go back in a week from today. Admittedly, I was SUPER nervous about how she’d do at the dentist because I have a fear of them. I know, I know, that may sound weird but I seriously clam up every time […]

We Made an Igloo!


Today was really fun. I know, I know, I start a lot of these stories off that way but SERIOUSLY, today was a lot of fun. It all started with my relatives on my momma’s side making plans for a family get together post-Christmas. We don’t see each other that often, even though we all […]

Willow’s First Christmas Concert


Few things had me as excited in the past month or so as Willow’s first ever Christmas concert did. When her pre-school announced that they were going to be hosting a Christmas potluck and concert, I squealed. Literally. This is the stuff that parenting dreams are made of. As the day approached, Willow was on […]