Quiet Nights In


Some nights in our house are simple. We eat, we colour, we pick our favourite books, we read and we snuggle until we fall asleep. Those nights are some of my most treasured.

Ice Cream & Puddles


With Steve needing to do a “brick” training today (a swim, bike and a run), we headed out to my parent’s house this morning so that he could start his workout there (they live on the water) and so that Willow and I could visit. It was an overcast day but a fun one nonetheless. […]

All the Fun Was Had at Kate Durie’s Gratitude Kit Workshop


Tonight was so much fun. Willow and I ventured down to The Studio Cafe in Hintonburg for a workshop hosted by the creative, talented and mega-amazing Kate Durie. The workshop was called The Gratitude Kit and it featured a beautiful introduction to gratitude by Kate herself followed by play, play and more play. Kate walked […]

My Little Musician & Honouring Promises


I’ve been noticing lately that Willow is drawn to music in a big way. She requests specific songs when we are in the car, she likes to hear music on mine and Steve’s smart phones and she loves playing with the new piano that Steve’s parents got her as a Christmas present. It was only […]

We Made an Igloo!


Today was really fun. I know, I know, I start a lot of these stories off that way but SERIOUSLY, today was a lot of fun. It all started with my relatives on my momma’s side making plans for a family get together post-Christmas. We don’t see each other that often, even though we all […]