Christmas Day

What a fantastic holiday! Willow, Steve and I spent Christmas Eve with his family and then headed back home to prep for Christmas morning. Willow fell asleep within ten minutes of lying down in bed and we stayed up chatting with my parents for awhile. Around midnight, we all went to bed in anticipation of Christmas morning.


Christmas morning was awesome. We had set up Willow’s drum kit and Santa had left his presents for Willow on the table in the living room. There was even a “reindeer print” in the sugar and the milk and cookies and carrots definitely saw some love! 😉



Everyone in the house was awake before Willow was so I opened the curtains in her room, opened the door and hoped that the light and noise would wake up her up. When that didn’t work, I decided to take matters into my own hands so I went upstairs and whispered to her, “Willow… Santa was here!” and her eyes shot open. It was pretty adorable to see how fast she went from sleeping to awake.

As we head downstairs, she saw the drum kit and was SO excited! Then, we checked out what Santa left behind.



We spent the next hour opening presents. It takes awhile when you have a four year old as everything becomes a game or a race and everyone needs to take a turn — no one can open presents when anyone else is. It was amazing though and we loved watching Willow get excited about everything she opened.



We had picked up a tablet for my dad for Christmas so he and Willow enjoyed downloading some apps onto the tablet and playing them together. I’m fairly certain that Willow was teaching my dad a thing or two 😉


After a delicious breakfast and some much needed opening-of-the-toys, we got ready and headed out to my aunt’s house for Christmas Day dinner.






All in all, I had a fantastic holiday and now I am looking forward to cleaning house, packing up the decorations and getting ready to ring in 2015. It’s going to be a fabulous year!