Christmas is About Learning Lessons

Last night was our Christmas party at my mom’s house. Every year my mom’s side of the family meets before Christmas to celebrate and be together to share a big, turkey dinner.

I’ve been doing this every year of my entire life (31st dinner last night) and it wasn’t since having Willow that I realized just how much I love these celebrations. In the past, especially through my teenage years, I didn’t appreciate the dinner and the get together quite as much as I should have. And thus starts my Christmas lessons.


The first lesson I learned last night is that family truly is everything. I love my friends and my network of people that I get to enjoy the company of regularly but there truly is nothing like family.




I realized yesterday, when I was excited to get out to my mom and dad’s to see everyone, that I wanted as much time as possible with everyone. That I wanted to be able to be around them, catch up and also let Willow be in the company of everyone.



The second lesson I learned is that stopping to play, regardless of age, is so incredibly important. My grandfather, and his partner Louise, bought Willow Hungry, Hungry Hippos as a Christmas present and once Willow opened it, all she wanted to do was play with it. That was okay though, there were plenty of people willing to play with Willow and that made my heart fill up so much.



The third lesson is that time is going by so fast and you have to make the most of it. When I sat around yesterday, realizing especially how big Willow is now, I also looked at my family members and realized how fast time was going. How much is changing.



While this is an inevitable part of life, it still makes me a bit melancholy to realize how short this ride called life really is. I know, I know, sad note on a Christmas post but it isn’t all riddled with blue undertones. It just makes me realize I need to appreciate it all, always.


(P.S. – Thanks so much to my Aunt Judy and my Grantastic for taking some of the photos in this post! xoxo)


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    I really LOVE this post Erin! As someone who lost most of her family young, I’m forever begging people to “get it” and be grateful for what they have, misfit and dysfunctional families alike. But it’s still your family and let me tell you, most will miss that crazy Uncle Ned who picks his teeth at the table and the Aunt who never shuts up…once they are gone. The message is enjoy it ALL while you can. Take the good with the not so great as it’s all better than nothing right?:) I’m so glad that you see that!