Cry Baby Cry


Does it make you uncomfortable to do it? Does it make you uncomfortable when others do it?

I don’t cry that often these days (I have to work on that, I think I internalize a lot… or, I just don’t have a lot to cry about?) but when I do, I appreciate it. Honour it. Revel in it.

Crying is your body’s way of saying that there is friction in an area of your life. Crying is your body’s wickedly awesome navigation system to tell you: WRONG WAY LADY… TURN THE CAR AROUND.

And that is awesome.

When we are crying because of something uncomfortable in our life or something causing stress, it simply means that we have an opportunity to course correct. We’ve made a mind | body connection that sent us a signal that says, “Hmm… this doesn’t feel so great” and that gives us opportunity.

Now, before you jump into fixing the friction or numbing it out, let yourself cry.

Call a girlfriend and be vulnerable and cry in front of her.

Grab a glass of wine and put on a sappy movie and bawl your eyes out.

Let. It. Out.

Then, throw away the tissues and look at the friction from a place of opportunity.

Say to yourself: I know what’s pissing me off and making me cry and now, I will fix it.

Joan of Arc style.

Put on your shield, mount the horse and ride on. You are beautiful woman. Even with red-rimmed eyes.