DIY: Toothpick Popsicles with Fruit!

My 22-month old LOVES popsicles but often, they are too large and too cold for her little hands.  I wrap them in paper towels but they become very messy very quickly.  I came across an example of toothpick popsicles so I wanted to make them for Willow to see how she’d enjoy them.

I started with these Mott’s Fruitsations popsicles (unfrozen) as I love them but you could easily use fruit juice in place of these!


I cut up strawberries into bite size pieces and put them in the bottom of the ice cube tray.  I then stuck toothpicks into each piece and filled each cube with the popsicle “juice.”



The next day, after her nap, I pulled the ice cube tray out of the freezer to see how the popsicles faired.  It was super easy to just twist the cube tray and “free” the popsicles from the tray.


Willow LOVED them!  She couldn’t stop saying, “Dat? Dat?” when I first pulled them out and she grabbed the little toothpick and dove right in, loving every minute of it!  Not long after this picture, we pulled her WHITE shirt off and let her go to town.


The only thing I will say is that the strawberries that I used were (obviously) frozen and therefore, I was a bit worried that she’d choke on them at the end so if you are worried about things like that too, just take away the frozen fruit at the end!