Get to Know Me

My name is Erin. I Tweet a lot.

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Here’s the lowdown on me… the nutshell if you will:

  • The number seven has followed me my entire life.
  • I have never really been much of a collector but I do have nearly all of Stephen King’s books on bookshelves strewn throughout my house.
  • I’ve been told that I can come across as closed off yet I’m an incredibly open book.
  • I love life – hard.
  • I write a lot and sometimes I write over at Medium.
  • I have high expectations and am learning to deal with the disappointment that often accompanies that.
  • I love red wine and am completely in love with Flat Rock Cellars’ Pinot Noir right now.
  • I have started authoring three different books (two non-fiction and one fiction) and will finish writing them.
  • I’m a recovering shopaholic.
  • I take mini vacations by myself often. Something I like to call “creative retreats.” It allows me time to recharge, recoup and relax and I’m so grateful that I’m supported in doing so.
  • My least favourite personality traits in people: superficiality and entitlement. Exhibiting these behavioural traits will make me run in the opposite direction. My most favourite personality traits: gratitude and joy.

And here’s a bit more… some background info:

Screenshot 2013-12-18 00.40.36I’m a work-at-home momma who started my first company back in August of 2004. I was 21 at the time and had no idea what starting my own company meant. I’ve loved every moment of this insanely crazy life and I hope to share my experiences and stories with you here on this site.

I have one beautiful, personality-filled little girl named Willow. Steve and I tried to conceive a baby for three years, with one of those pregnancies ending up in miscarriage and finally, the day we went to the fertility clinic for our initial consult, we ended up finding out that we were already pregnant. You can read more about Willow’s birth story here.

Willow just recently turned three. She was born and changed my life. Completely. I wrote her a letter, while she was still inside my womb, and told her that she was magical. That she was going to change the world with her light and it’s proving to be true. She is just seriously the best thing, ever.

Screenshot 2013-12-18 00.43.26I’m the ex-wife of an aspiring triathlete, who is also Paleo, named Steve. We got married in June of 2005, started dating in May of 1999 and recently announced our separation (a completely happy and amicable one that has left most of our friends and family scratching their heads…)

We have one pet. A goldfish named Bob that was never meant to be our pet but I became emotionally attached to him so he now lives on in our household. Bob has since passed. RIP Bob.

I’ve birthed a lot of passion projects over the years and have opened and closed more virtual doors than I care to admit. For me, it’s not about creating something that is going to last a lifetime but rather creating something that is in alignment with my life at the time. Something that rises up to provide me the support I need and allows me to share my life with others. Connection. Communion. Digitally done.

Screenshot 2013-12-18 00.45.27I co-founded a parenting blog, with a few of my girlfriends, called Ottawa Valley Moms and I have loved having the opportunity to co-create that community. However, for as much love as I have for it, I also was becoming a bit jaded by the marketing side of things. I felt as though I was losing sight of the creativity, the beauty, the life sharing and the journalistic feel of having my own personal space. So, I birthed this site.

All the Little Lights is an homage to all the little passion areas that fill me up. That pour light into my soul. There are just so many bits and pieces to my life that I am supremely grateful for and that I have so much pride for. This space allows me to dip and dabble into all of them while creating a scrapbooking experience. Something that just includes all the little curated moments of my life – whether they are moments I’m creating or moments that have been created around me.

I hope you enjoy this peek inside our little fishbowl and are willing to share your own journey as well. I’d love for you to connect with me wherever you most love to connect (links are in the upper right-hand corner of the site) and let’s explore how we might be able to co-create a beautiful life experience together.