Getting 10K Ready


Spring is just around the corner and with that comes the Ottawa Race Weekend.  I enthusiastically signed up to do the 10K race with my girlfriend Crystal but… I haven’t ran at all since registering. Sort of counter-productive to being able to actually run this race, isn’t it?  I figure there is no time like the present (excuses are just that – excuses) so I’m setting out to get 10K ready! As with all things, I figured I would blog and vlog the journey so that you can benefit too. I plan on using tips and tricks from my husband Steve who blogs over at Canadian Paleo Athlete, so check out his stuff too!

In order to ramp up slowly to being able to run 10K on Saturday, May 25th at 6:30PM, here is my run schedule for the weeks leading up to race day. I have no idea if this is a good run schedule or if this is recommended to get ready for a 10K but it feels achievable to me and it’s a goal to strive toward. I think we often get caught up in trying to do what’s “right” instead of doing what feels good for our own body. That said, if you have any recommendations, I am open to them!

To kick it off, I did a 1K run this week. Don’t laugh… LOL! I needed to start somewhere and I want achievable and attainable goals to get me inspired and motivated. No sense starting off where I used to be only to fail and then feel bad, you know?  So, I did a 1K run, came back and had a 20g protein shake.  After my shower I made myself a plate of good, clean food. I included avocado, tomatoes, chicken breast, strawberries, raspberries, grapes and bananas.


Here is my plan for the weeks ahead:

  • Week of March 18th: 2K is goal
  • Week of March 25th: 3K is goal
  • Week of April 1st: 4K is goal
  • Week of April 8th: 5K is goal
  • Week of April 15th: 5K is goal (maintained)
  • Week of April 22nd: 6K is goal
  • Week of April 29th: 7K is goal
  • Week of May 6th: 8K is goal
  • Week of May 13th: 9K is goal
  • Week of May 20th: Run full 10K

I figure if I ramp up slowly and add a kilometer a week, I will help push myself but not attack a large goal to start.  Some other things that I know I need to do:

  • Increase my water intake
  • Get at least an hour or two more of sleep during the week
  • Work on leg strengthening exercises (will enlist hubby’s help)
  • Eat more balanced and nutritious meals

One thing I do know though is that I just need to do it.  I can’t make excuses, I can’t keep putting other things in its place, I just need to go and do it or else I never will and on race day, I’ll feel like a failure.

Do you have a goal set for this spring or summer that is fitness-related?  What are you doing to help reach that goal?  Let’s inspire and motivate each other!


  1. says

    A piece of advice to add to your plan. Weekdays should be used for shorter, quicker, runs. Weekends should be used for long, slow, runs. So if you have a 2k goal one week, do that as your long run, and the rest of the week, go shorter.

    Also, the weekend before the race, as your long run, you should amp it up to achieve a 11 or 12k run. But on the week of the race, don’t do a full 10k. Actually go back down to 5k or 6k.

    This has examples of what I mean:

    I am training also. So maybe I’ll see you there :)

    Good luck!

    • says

      THANK YOU!! This is exactly what I needed. After watching my husband train for his marathons, I knew there was a taper week but didn’t know how to build that in nicely given how little time I have. I love the idea of weekends for longer runs as that is also what my hubby does. I am SO grateful for the PDFs you linked! So helpful. xo

  2. Brenda A says

    Power to you! I love being active and sporty but detest running. I admire those who do it. If I had a basketball in my hand to dribble while I ran I might be more interested!

  3. says

    Time is ticking away and race weekend is coming up! It will be my first run, EVER, and I will be doing the 5k. Next year, I will do the 10k and then hopefully in the next 7 years do the Disney Half. Can’t wait to see how your progress goes, sharing really provides encouragement to get out there and get active. Good luck on race day ladies =)