Home Office Reno: Before and After

Oh man… This post is hard to write because it includes photos of my TERRIBLY messy office before I began renos… I made that one small though to spare you the gory details.

You can just glance a little and imagine what it looks like in person… Yikes.

As you can see… office before was an uninspiring, messy, dumping zone of a thing that was masquerading as an office.  Disgraceful.



Office after is much more inspiring… Much more in tune with who I am and feels so free and light.  I am LOVING the entire thing.

We started by painting the room in a blue Behr paint (ask me if you’re curious about the name and I’ll look it up!) and then we began moving in the furniture.


Everything came out of my office and only the most meaningful (and necessary) pieces were going back in.  Much of my stuff is still sitting in “Willow’s room” (in quotes because she co-sleeps so I’d be lying to myself if I really thought she had her own room right now) and I’ll get to cleaning that up / clearing it out soon.

So here it is…



officeafter3 (1)

officeafter2 (1)

What do you think?  I think it turned out pretty okay!  All in all, I spent about $400 and that included a new lamp, armchair, the two pieces of used furniture, paint and supplies, new hardware for the cabinet and that large print of New York City.  Pretty decent cost for an office reno!