It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas…

I’ve been pretty quiet over here on the blog but with good reason — we’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas! Our first family party has already come and went and now we’re focused on the BIG DAY. Willow’s SO excited about Santa and I love that she’s at an age now where she truly understands what it’s all about — Christmas spirit, giving to others, etc.

Since my birthday bumps up against the holidays, we generally wait until that day passes before putting up our tree. This year, we ended up putting up the Christmas tree before my birthday, which was actually quite nice. Added a little bit of magic to the day. My mom, Willow and I put up my “rocket” tree (that tree has one of the worst shapes in the history of trees… haha!) and added all of our ornaments.



Willow LOVED decorating the tree this year and we let her do most of it, which led to the tree being quite bottom heavy… her wee arms couldn’t reach above a certain point so we eventually had to move some of the ornaments a bit higher to balance out the load.

The first family party was at my parent’s new house, which turned out to be such a perfect day! We got to see family members that we don’t get to see all the time and we had tons of yummy food. My momma makes some mean stuffing so I may have had 1/2 a plate of stuffing and a bit of everything else… 😉




As you can see, from the photo above, my mom definitely got gifted the Christmas tree decorating talent… I did not. LOL!



The beautiful, but chilly, view from my parent’s new house.







  1. Barbara Stachera says

    I have to say that my daughter, Julie, decorated her home beautifully for Christmas and I almost felt like singing out ” Jingle Bells ”
    It was nice to see everyone again, and catch up on what was new and happening in each of our lives.
    The men gathered downstairs in the rec room, played pool and watched sports on the big-screen television…
    We women were upstairs talking with each other, while getting the table set, and dinner on the go….
    Eventually, we all got together and then had our meal, which I must say is always so delicious. Lester thanked God for the blessing of having family and food to share, and then we proceeded to eat.
    We did the dishes, settled down, brought out the cameras and watched Willow open her gifts….so much fun!!
    Soon we said our goodbyes for one more year…..Can’t wait till next year.
    Thanks Julie and Lester…. for welcoming us to their your home for our Family Christmas….