My Christmas Wish

My Christmas wish is that we all can move into 2014…

giving more than we’ve got – trust me, it’ll come back to you in ways that you never, ever expected.

loving more than we’ve loved – the people around you? They need the love you’ve got to give. Give it freely, without conditions and without them asking for it.

being kinder than we have been so far – kindness is in high demand and sometimes, in low supply. Be kind to everyone and most importantly, be kind to yourself. You deserve it.

speaking more slowly and thinking more deeply – take the time to understand how your words will affect those around you. A shattered spirit or a shattered heart can take time to recover from.

doing less and focusing on what’s truly important – being “busy” is something we all are. We’ve got more on our plates than we need. We strive for maximum output. Take time this year to pause, to relax, to love and to infuse more quiet into your life. Peace on Earth.

doing something we’ve always wanted to do – maybe you’ve lacked the courage or attention before now but let’s push that aside in 2014. Book that skydiving trip. Sign up for guitar lessons. Take that dance class. I’m going to ask you a very simple question here: what are you waiting for?

analyzing and critiquing ourselves and each other less harshly. We’re all up in each other’s faces due to the Internet. We have sneak peeks into people’s lives but these lives are seen through our own filters, our own lenses and we see what we want to see. Focus less on others and move inward. Create internal happiness and exude external gratitude and love.

And now I ask you… what is your Christmas wish for 2014?