My Little Musician & Honouring Promises


I’ve been noticing lately that Willow is drawn to music in a big way. She requests specific songs when we are in the car, she likes to hear music on mine and Steve’s smart phones and she loves playing with the new piano that Steve’s parents got her as a Christmas present.

It was only while she and Steve were playing one day when we realized the depth of her memory and her musical preferences. She asked Steve, “Daddy, put on the song like this…” and she proceeded to put her hands next to her face, tilt her head a little and close her eyes. It took Steve awhile to realize that she was referring to Adele’s album cover, as every time Steve plays a song, and she likes it, he shows her the album cover on his phone.

She also LOVES to sing along to songs and right now, her favourite songs to sing are Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and “Umbrella“, Lorde’s “Royals” and Icona Pop’s “I Love It.” She also gets a huge kick out of Paul McCartney’s “Little Willow” and she does the biggest surprise face of life when she hears the song say her name.

This past weekend, she and Steve spent an absurd amount of time sitting in front of her new keyboard. They played some simple songs, pounded on the keys and used the drums and percussion option to create some cool beats. And, they had a ton of fun and that was amazing. There is nothing better than seeing a happy little girl with her daddy… Reminds me of my childhood.




Recently, Rogers sent me a pair of SOL Republic headphones, as part of their ambassador program, to demo and Steve and I truly meant to try them but… when Willow got a hold of them and realized that she could hear her music in her ears, she was hooked. She wore them around for awhile and kept asking us to play different songs. They were perfect for her little head too as the headphones are adjustable and seemed perfectly sized for her. So adorable.




We’re sending the headphones back to Rogers, as our demo is soon over, but I do know what to put on Willow’s wishlist! Headphones would be a big hit for sure.

On another musical note, she starts a ballet and jazz class on Saturday so I’m excited to see if her musical interest carries over into dancing to music. We really enjoy exposing her to different things to see how she’ll react to them and see what she loves and doesn’t love as much. I’ll take some photos at her dance class and share them soon.

Willow’s been in such a weird eating mood lately. Some nights she is hungry for a BIG supper and other nights, like tonight, we’ll be driving home from school and she’ll say, “Mommy, can we go to Sobey’s and get oranges and blueberries and raspberries?” and I’ll look in my little visor mirror, smile and say, “Of course we can sweetie.” So, we end up having that and an almond butter sandwich with Babybel cheese for supper. Even though there’s nothing hot, I’m pretty sure we’ve hit all major food groups, no?


I’m going to end on an update with regards to my 2014 wishes.

One of the wishes that I had for the New Year was to put more focus on myself and self-care and part of that was getting my teeth whitened. I went to Sobey’s tonight and bought an Oral B toothbrush that is battery powered and spins and does all kinds of fancy stuff and I bought some Sensodyne toothpaste with mega whitening properties. I’ve been using a 99% natural toothpaste that is grapefruit and mint flavoured and… I don’t love it. I don’t find my teeth are white like they used to be when I used this particular toothpaste so back I go to Sensodyne.


My goal is to try this, combined with some of the Crest Whitestrips I have lying around here, to see how white I can get my teeth on my own. Then, if I feel like I want to go that extra step, I’ll talk to my dentist about professional whitening.

How’s your week going?