Photo Gallery: Trafalgar Square


This was my very, very, very first glimpse at London and it set the tone for the two weeks that I was there.  I walked out of the tube and right into Trafalgar Square and burst into tears.   I was 19, halfway around the globe, traveling solo yet it was the most exhilarating feeling […]

Photo Gallery: Highgate Cemetery


I went through a period in time where I was obsessed with old cemetaries.  So, when I planned my trip to London, I thought, “What cemetary can I go to that will really give me the sense of being in a super old graveyard?”  I came across Highgate Cemetary where Karl Marx’ bust is and […]

Photo Gallery: Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace was just as I expected it to be.  Glorious, over the top, luxurious and grandiose.  The only thing I wasn’t expecting was how small the balcony looked from where I stood.  You know the one I’m talking about… Where the royal family gives their speeches, waves, etc.