Reducing Our Living Costs Part 1: Bye-Bye TV & Telephone

Life is expensive. Between regular bills and the extras, it can all add up rather quickly. As I work to reduce our living expenses (so we can keep more money in the bank and going out to our investments), I figured I would share that process with you.

The first thing to go on the list was satellite and our landline telephone.

We have our services with Bell Canada and our monthly bill was quite ridiculous. When I got our November bill and saw that it was $300/month… again… for the umpteenth month in a row, I knew it was time to cancel the services. Here is a breakdown of our last few months of bills:


And here’s the breakdown of our services:


I called Bell Canada and even though they were willing to try and work something out, they weren’t going to come anywhere close to what my idea involved. So, here’s what I did instead:

  • Cancelled satellite (savings of $140-150 per month)
  • Cancelled home phone, which I was using for my office line (savings of $80 per month)
  • Increased Internet to the next plan up ($64.95 from $56.95)

What we’re going to do is stream our TV shows when we want to watch them and I’ll use Skype for phone calls for my business. We already have Smart TVs, an Apple TV, a PS3 and an Xbox, all of which have Netflix and other streaming services on them.

I also already have cell service through Rogers so I can use my cell phone as backup for if ever I have Internet issues.

All in all, saving $230 per month is a-okay in my books!

How many of you have ditched wired services for Internet-based ones? What has been your experience thus far?


  1. says

    You have read my mind. We are also with Bell and have been contemplating ditching our satellite & home phone for a few months now. [ $148 for tv is cray btw ] I think we spend $90 on tv, $40 on home phone & we just upgraded to the $64 internet. One of the main reasons I want to cancel tv is because of the garbage we let our kids watch. I don’t even know the networks but I’m guessing Family & Disney are included. It’s all crap, and we’d like to limit their access to crap as much as we can, while we can. So Netflix it shall be.
    My only issue with crushing the home phone is that some babysitters that we use don’t have a cell phone, so when I/we are out we have no way to be reached.

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    Good for you! That’s a huge savings and it adds up fast! We haven’t had cable or satellite for years. Same with a landline phone. We’ve used our mobile phones and haven’t had many problems- other than the cost. We had iPhones on a 3 year contract and it was expensive! Once the contract was up, we then got cheap again and switched to a pay as you go type of plan (and had to jailbreak our phones in order to do it). Cost is $20/month but not a lot of extras. I have to watch the number of texts I send, but it’s not a big deal. I think even with the $20 plan I don’t need as much as I’m paying for.

  3. Lynne says

    I live in England and I did this last year. I only seem to watch the free childrens channel anyway so it seemed silly to be paying for TV I didn’t watch.
    I had to keep my landline because you need it to get internrnet here even though I never use it for calls and I thought I’d use Apple TV and “on demand” services for othe shows that I’d normally watch later.
    It turned out that the “on demand” services weren’t too good, it would take the station a few days to put the show on. And my Apple TV was all glitchy and would buffer ALL the time… I missed TV and recently got a contract which includes a recordable box so I don’t miss all the crappy stuff you take for granted when you don’t have regular TV. I went a whole year!!! Haha.
    Good luck. I’ll try it again too someday! :0D

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    We are with Teksavvy and have unlimited internet for $70 a month all in. We ditched our cable which was $140ish a month. Got ourselves netflix, hulu and rokus to stream em to the TV. That all costs us about $20 a month. We cancelled our home phone and upped our cell package. For an extra $20 we now have unlimited local and canada wide calling on our cells, more data and unlimited texting.

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    We did something similar. Got US Netflix, have Hulu and toned our Rogers Cable bill down. Then called Bell. I need super fast and reliable (not always possible-sigh) internet so that had to stay but that landline…? We all just stared at it when it rang. I wanted to just rip it out so to speak but baby steps. I paired it down to dial tone. We call it the outgoing line only. We don’t answer it-we all have cells. Sometimes we use it to make an outgoing call-rare. Next step is fully removing it. You used to need a landline or at least a 38CA jack for a home alarm system but don’t anymore. We have cell backup so even that is covered.
    We do love our shows so our tv savings is more modest than Erin’s but our cable bill went from $160 to $80 including Netflix and Bell phone and internet went from $142 to $88 and that!
    Getting there!

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    I can’t do the landline rip out with kids. I am looking at some sort of VOIP solution using an ATA box which will allow my old school phones to work with a VOIP provider. I may have something working for about $50.00/year. I dont want to be in a situation where there is an emergency at home with a sitter or something and there is no phone.

  7. Mary @ Parenthood says

    I would dearly love to ditch our landline (~36 per month for basic basic line)

    We have VoIP for normal calls & cell phones, teksavvy for internet and we get High Def TV over the air for free.

    But we are stuck with the landline for alarm system (could figure alternative but would need different equipment) and emergency purposes. Unfortunately the TTR on a landline is waaay better than on residential internet. So we have to keep the landline as insurance. Closer to $20/month and it wouldn’t bother me; as it is I keep looking for ways to ditch it