Snap, Crackle, Pop of an Amazing Day

Willow’s been sleeping in until 9-9:30am every morning lately and I’m revelling in it. The flip side of that always is that she stays up a bit later at night but with the holidays right around the corner, late nights are inevitable so I’m thinking it’s all just divine timing.

Today was a good day. A great day in fact.


It started out with Rice Krispies, plain with no almond milk for Willow, and grapes and blueberries. Although, my little monkey was more interested in hoovering the Rice Krispies that fell onto the table than she was to actually eat them out of the bowl.


We made funny faces too. A lot of them. Practiced emoting. “Willow, make a mad face. Now do sad. Now, SURPRISED!”

After breakfast, Steve took Willow with him to his doctor’s appointment and I got to work. The day’s work moved fluidly and easily and gracefully. We had fantastic team chats, I Skyped with my BFF Zack and I was able to spend some time cleaning up old posts on this site too.

Recently I did some work on my core desired feelings (CDFs a la Danielle LaPorte‘s The Desire Map) and one of the CDFs I identified was “Ease.” What popped out to me today was something I had written and pinned on my office bulletin board ages ago and that wasn’t even consciously on my mind when I had identified this word for 2014. I giggled aloud when I saw this on my bulletin board today:

Screenshot 2013-12-20 21.11.30

After work, I headed out to pick up Willow and we had a really nice dinner with my parents. Although Willow was really grumpy and said, “No” more than she said any other word, it was still (and always is) nice to get to spend time with them.

When we pulled in the driveway, Willow wanted to eat the freshly fallen snow (don’t freak, just a little taste of it) so we stood outside as the flakes fell around us and I let her scoop up some snow and try it. “Cold” she said, followed by, “Yummy!”


Willow and I spent the evening, in a post-Chinese food coma, trudging through some main floor housework and we got the house looking pretty decent for the weekend ahead. Now, don’t look at my staircase or the upper and lower floors please… Those are a major work in progress.



And the day ended with my husband home from getting his tattoo finished up (he’s now got a half sleeve on his right arm) and, instead of having supper like he should have, chose to read books to Willow and put her to sleep.


It was a beautiful day. I feel loved, supported and I feel like the very things I wrote on my vision board months ago are all coming to fruition. And that my friends is why life is such a magical, amazing trip. xo