Christmas Day


What a fantastic holiday! Willow, Steve and I spent Christmas Eve with his family and then headed back home to prep for Christmas morning. Willow fell asleep within ten minutes of lying down in bed and we stayed up chatting with my parents for awhile. Around midnight, we all went to bed in anticipation of […]

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas…


I’ve been pretty quiet over here on the blog but with good reason — we’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas! Our first family party has already come and went and now we’re focused on the BIG DAY. Willow’s SO excited about Santa and I love that she’s at an age now where she truly […]

Christmas is About Learning Lessons


Last night was our Christmas party at my mom’s house. Every year my mom’s side of the family meets before Christmas to celebrate and be together to share a big, turkey dinner. I’ve been doing this every year of my entire life (31st dinner last night) and it wasn’t since having Willow that I realized […]

Christmas: It’s All About the Little Things


Christmas in our household has changed immensely since Willow was born. Prior to that, I am not even sure if I enjoyed Christmas. I found the commercialism too much to bear at times. However, once Willow was born – and especially now that she is getting older – I find myself falling back in love […]

20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Entire Family


Christmas is just a month and ten days away and many of you are beginning to prepare your Christmas shopping lists. In preparation for the holiday season, we bring you 20 stocking stuffer ideas that you can use for the entire family! 1. Personalized Coffee For the coffee lovers in your house, create your own […]