Three Fun Holiday Nail Art Ideas [Super Easy, Too!]

With the holidays right around the corner, no seriously – they are RIGHT THERE, I’ve been experimenting with holiday-inspired nail art to get my nails as festive as I feel. I’m not one to want anything to be SUPER difficult to execute so don’t fear. These ideas are actually pretty easy!

#1 – Simple Colour and Glitter

For this first one, I wanted a base colour with some glitter. Super simple yet super festive looking. For this I used the following polishes:

  • Essie Grow Faster base coat
  • Misa nail lacquer in Crimson
  • Sally Hansen glitter polish in Wedding Glitters
  • Essie Good to Go top coat

I just did the base coat, red polish next and added the glitter on top. I kept more toward the end of my fingernails and then did less as I got to the base. Let it all dry, added top coat and done. Easy peasy.

#2 – Snowman Accent Nail

For the second nail art idea, I wanted to do a snowman accent nail BUT it needed to be easy. For this I used the following:

  • Essie Grow Faster base coat
  • Essie polish in Blanc
  • Essie polish in Mojito Madness
  • Essie Good to Go top coat

For the snowman I used:

  • Sally Hansen nail art pen in White
  • Sally Hansen nail art pen in Black
  • Sally Hansen nail art pen in Hot Pink

First, base coat all of your nails. Then, paint your nails in a green colour of your choice. You really can use any background colour here but I felt that staying in the green family was festive. However, that is open to interpretation so have fun with it!

The snowman is the trickier part. I used my nail art pens, once the green was dry, to freehand draw the snowman. I started with the biggest ball at the bottom and then worked my way up, leaving enough room for a hat at the top. Drew on some arms, a scarf, eyes, nose and buttons down the front and voila! Snowman. Top it off with a top coat.

I would have used a darker green colour for my nails but it was all I had on hand so I went with it.

#3 – From Snowflake to Snowstorm

If you prefer your nails to be pretty basic, this idea might work for you! It’s pretty simple and you honestly CAN NOT screw it up. (Promise!) Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Essie Grow Faster base coat
  • Fingrs Heart 2 Art On a Silver Platter glitter
  • Essie Good to Go top coat

Super simple: base coat, glitter, top coat. Now, I placed a blob of glitter on and then hand placed each piece of glitter (yes, I seriously did) but you don’t need to be that meticulous. Just put a little on the first nail and move across your nails adding more to each nail to create a snowstorm effect toward the end.

Cute and simple.


  1. Bcteagirl says

    These are fun! Another great idea: If you put tape surrounding the outside of a nail (leaving a triangle without tape in the middle) you can make green christmas trees and ‘decorate’ them with sparkles. :)