We wait.

Until the timing is right.

Until the bank account has the appropriate number of dollars and cents.

Until we can trust in the decision.

We wait.

For the perfect moment.

For the nudge forward.

For permission.

We wait.

Even when we know what we want.

Even when we should be taking action.

Even when the truth is so clear it burns our eyes.

We wait.

And at the end of the day, when the room is quiet and dark, we hear the pulls on the heart strings, the yearning desire for what we want most in life and yet, we do nothing.

We wait.

The tragedy in our lives is not that we regret the things we have done (for at least we have taken action) but it’s that we regret the things we haven’t done. The things that we waited on. The things that we waited for.

The time is now.

Make the call.

Take the leap.

Say yes and figure it out later.

Don’t wait.