Willow Turns Three

My sweet baby girl, Willow, came into our life on November 24th, 2010. It was the day that my life changed forever. For the better. When I think back to the days and years before she was born, I can’t even tell you what that life was really like. I am not even sure that I was fully living back then. Willow floated into our life and changed everything.

This year, we wanted to celebrate her birthday in such a way that honoured her and the little girl that she’s becoming. The little touches we put on her party were little glimpses into who she is, what she likes and what gets her really, really excited. One of my life philosophies is that you should live your life according to what you most love and I am trying to create that for Willow as well. If you’re going to live your life, you might as well enjoy it.

Steve and I decorated the house with minimal decorations. We weren’t going to go all out with streamers and a huge party theme, we just wanted it to feel beautiful… like something a little girl would love. We bought these paper lanterns and pom-poms at Party Mart and I love how they added a pop of colour against the white background of our dining room curtains.


Willow picked out her own party dress and asked me to braid her hair. She is turning into such a girly-girl and, admittedly, I don’t mind it at all. She chose a beautiful silver dress, made by Blueberi Boulevard, with tons of tulle and metallic dots that we had purchased on a shopping trip to the States. She had spilled something on herself within minutes of wearing it but it didn’t matter – she radiated joy the entire day.


Speaking of radiating joy… I love this photo of her.


We started off her birthday morning by taking her to Cora’s for breakfast. Going to Cora’s is one of her favourite breakfast rituals on the weekend so we knew that she’d absolutely love it. As always, she ordered the waffles with a mountain of fresh fruit.


When we came back home after breakfast, and while waiting for her party guests to arrive, she pretty much stayed in this position… eyeing up her cake. For months leading up to her birthday, the only thing she asked for was an “Isabella cake” and we delivered on that promise. Isabella, as seen on the top of the cake, is a character from Phineas and Ferb and while we didn’t make an actual character cake, I LOVE how this cake turned out.



I could seriously marry the colour of the fondant on that cake.

Since the party was being held in the afternoon, we went with a buffet style table of goodies. We had cupcakes, layered dip, fruits and veggies, cheese and crackers and of course, Teddy Grahams, gummy bears and Gold Fish crackers. We also made little takeaway boxes for the children that contained little surprises inside. And of course, we had loot bags with markers, crafts, toy cars and more.


One of Willow’s favourite parts was the cupcake piñata. Although she is still small, we knew that they would have fun trying to crack into it and, even if we had to help, would enjoy the little toys inside. We filled it with some candy but also little toys that we got in the loot bag section of Wal-Mart.


All in all it was a fabulous day. We kept the party small and intimate and invited only our family and one close friend and her children. Soon, Willow will be wanting to throw parties with all of her little friends and while that will be incredibly exciting in its own way, there is nothing that beats family getting together in celebration.

Happy third birthday baby girl. I can’t wait to see how we make your third year of life super special. xo


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      Yes! *tear* Right now she’s in pre-school full days and she’s totally ready for “real” school so we’re going to be enrolling her for September 2014.