Willow’s First Trip to the Dentist

This past year, November 28th, marked Willow’s first trip to the dentist and she’ll go back in a week from today. Admittedly, I was SUPER nervous about how she’d do at the dentist because I have a fear of them. I know, I know, that may sound weird but I seriously clam up every time I even think about going.

We asked around on social media for a good referral to a child-friendly dentist and my friend Thea recommended someone to us. We were super excited and booked our first appointment. As the day approached, I definitely felt my own nerves amping up but I knew that in order to set Willow on the right path with dentists, I had to be strong.


I picked Willow up on the day of her appointment and took her to the dentist’s office. On the way over, I explained to her where we were going and why we were going there. I told her that they were going to clean her teeth and make sure that they were nice and healthy. She asked me a couple of questions but seemed pretty chill for the most part.

When we got there, we went inside and registered and then the dental hygienist brought us back to the room. Willow was a trooper from the moment we got there. She walked confidently into the room, scooted up onto the big chair and looked around the room at all the instruments and lights, asking me questions about what things were.

The dental hygienist came in and sat down with Willow. She went through each of the tools and showed Willow how they worked and she gave them all nicknames, which was totally awesome. Willow giggled as Squirty squirted a bit of water into her mouth and was amazed when the vacuum (I forget the nickname of this one now) sucked all the water out.

The dental hygienist gave her sunglasses to wear and told her that if she touched her nose, the chair would lift and raise backward. Willow grinned so huge when the chair did just what she said it would. When it came time for the cleaning, Willow was a pro. She opened her mouth super big and let the hygienist do her thing. She wasn’t afraid once and was completely chill the entire time.


I was so thrilled at how the appointment went and am so happy that Willow seems to feel comfortable with her dentist. I can’t go as far as to say that I’m excited to go back, because I’m so not, but at least I know now that if we do have to go back, it isn’t going to be a complete disaster.


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    What a relief! My son wasn’t so happy about it and actually wouldn’t let the hygienist in his mouth the first time. The second was better.